PhD Students

The aims of the KIDGEM Career Support are to create an attractive and stimulating research environment for young scientists and to to promote academic careers. In addition an infrastructural support for young investigators will be provided to establish themselves as independent researchers at the national and international level. 

PhD and MD/PhD candidates of KIDGEM will be integrated into the core program of the Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine (SGBM)

Candidates selected by SGBM will participate in practical and soft skill courses, lectures and journal clubs as well as national and international conferences. The course program interconnects different research disciplines, offering annual retreats and a multidisciplinary module as well as monthly conventions for all doctoral candidates.

 In addition, KIDGEM will promote the transition of physician-scientists integrated as postdoctoral fellows in KIDGEM to group leaders and early independence. Towards this goal, KIDGEM will facilitate training and mentoring for MDs and provide an infrastructure enabling efficient training in the laboratory as well as the acquisition of crucial managerial skills.